Our Classrooms

Toddler and Infant room


Our toddler and infant room is a small group of 5-6 children ages 12 weeks to 2 years.  By providing a small group size we can provide more individual attention and a closer bond between child and caregiver.  We provide an age appropriate curriculum to foster development of the whole child.


Preschool Room


Our preschool group is 9-10 children ages 3-5.  The smaller group size allows us to focus on each child's development as well as cater the environment to their individual needs.  Our curriculum will provide them with the skills that they need when it is time to move on to kindergarten.


Our school has two classrooms: one for toddlers and infants, and one for preschool aged children.  By having variances in the ages of the children in each room they are able to have social experiences and connections that they would not have if each of their classmates were exactly their same age.  The younger children in the group look up to their older classmates and are encouraged and inspired to get a grasp on more complex subject material as they see their classmates mastering it.  The older children in each group take great pride in setting an example for their younger classmates.  They gain experience in compassion and patience as they work with their younger friends.